The school follows the course as laid down by Central Board of Secondary Education. The examinations are held twice in the session – Midterm as S.A.-I & Final term as S.A.-II.

All the classes are continuously evaluated through various Scholastic & Co-scholastic activities, conducted throughout the session.

The school assesses the students form classes I to VIII, by the CCE system implemented by CBSE. The system of examination is based on continuous assessment conducted through the formative activities, and the evaluation through the summative examination.

For promotion to next class, the report cards which are a cumulative total of FAs & SAs are taken into account. The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), focused on the all round assessment of the students, forms an integral part of the examination.

The criterions to award grades for I Term & II Term assessments are as follows:-

GRADING SYSTEM (A Five point scale)

Marks Range Grade Grade Point
90 – 100 A+ Outstanding 5
75 – 89 A Excellent 4
56 – 74 B Very Good 3
35 – 55 C Good 2
Below – 35 D Scope for improvement 1
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